Umm…I feel a tad embarrassed about coming back after such a long hiatus.  But so much has happened in just the last 2 months!  Michael and I were saving for our vacation to France and Italy…and it really left me with no extra money to squander on butter and all the other wonderful things that come together to make amazing desserts.  And well, after two weeks indulging in wine, prosciutto, gelato, croissants, and all the deliciousness that is Europe–we came back engaged.  Yes, engaged!  After a dozen years together, we’re finally one step closer to making it official 🙂  I can’t tell you how happy I am or how truly blessed I feel.  In my heart, we’re as good as married…but there’s truly something chillingly amazing about seeing someone on one knee asking you to marry them. And my ring?  It’s the  most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

So while I haven’t been around to share any recipes (but they’re coming…), I thought I’d just share bits of my summer with you.  I just want to make a note, that I intended to post pictures of beautiful landmarks–only to realize most of the shots…are of food.