It was Mike’s younger cousin’s birthday and I was asked to make some fruit based cheesecake. I know…how many9 year-old’s actually ask for cheesecake?  As it turns out, not many because the cheesecake was really for the adults.   They were wild about the strawberry cheesecake cups I made last time, but I thought I’d change it up a bit, and take advantage of all the wonderful berries I had on hand after my catering gig.  So, I adapted my strawberry cheesecake recipe a bit to make these.  I wouldn’t say that they taste a drastically different…but the other berries add a wonderful tartness to the dessert.


Raspberries baked in

Use this recipe here, but make modifications to the amount of fruit.  I did decide to keep the strawberries (gives the cheesecake such beautiful color and adds a nice sweetness to the otherwise very tart berries).  I cut the strawberries down to just 1/2 cup and to this added 1 cup raspberries and 1/2 cup blackberries.  Go ahead and toss them in sugar and heat up the syrup.  You can then puree all berries for the cheesecake, but I found it more interesting to have small bits of the blackberries and raspberries. I chose to puree the strawberries and about a 1/3 of the other berries. I expected the berry combination to be a bit more on the tart side, but  I bought the berries from the farmer’s market–so they were super sweet. I had my heart set on something a bit more tart, so I used an additional 2 tsp of lemon juice.  With the remaining raspberries and blackberries, I thought it would it be a great idea to just chop them up.  As you can see in the pictures, the chopped berries are then visible in the actual cheesecake once baked.  Taking that idea a bit further, I decided to drop a whole raspberry/blackberry in the middle of each cheesecake cup prior to baking.  The raspberries cook thoroughly, since they are a bit more fragile.  The blackberries tenderize a bit, don’t cook all the way through.  Tasty either way, but if you want everything cooked through, make sure to cut the blackberries in half.

These were great as is, but I couldn’t help myself from making a dollop of berry enhanced cream cheese frosting to top them off.  The berries were just beautiful in this dessert, so i wasn’t too concerned with making a traditional cream cheese frosting.  I used quite a bit of the berry puree, rendering more of a sauce than a frosting.  I thought it was fantastic–it wasn’t too sweet and it didn’t overwhelm these wonderful cheesecake cups.

Again, this recipe is super versatile.  I will likely give this a go with fresh ripe peaches…or even mangoes! I’ll keep  you guys posted!