So this past weekend, I completed my first cupcake order!  I can’t tell you how excited I was about putting the order together.  I love making cupcakes–the finished product brings such joy to my life 🙂  Well, Sareth and her boyfriend were putting together a birthday for his sister.  So after a few email exchanges, she decided on Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting and S’more cupcakes.  Okay…so I have a confession.  When she decided on the S’more cupcakes…I was a bit worried.  I didn’t really have a whole lot of success the first time around.  I made them for Mike’s birthday, but they were a bit of a failure.  I was soooooo overwhelmed with Mike’s birthday–making a whole dessert buffet, cocktails, and decorations–that I kinda let the S’more cupcakes fall victim to time.  But if you’re reading this Sareth,  I knew I would be able to fix it! And fix it I did, because these these S’more cupcakes may be my FAVORITE thus far!  Not only are they tasty as heck, but they’re adorable.  What a presentation!

Here are some pictures and I’ll follow-up with some recipes!

Either way, just wanted to thank Sareth for thinking of me 🙂  For anyone thinking of placing an order, I offer a HUGE discount on your first order.