Forgive me, but for the next 3 seconds, I’m going to sound like like a bratty 5 year old. That said–“I want, I want, I want!”  While I love going to internet blogs for ideas and inspirations, there really isn’t anything quite as satisfying as holding a book physically in your hand.  Maybe I’m just old school like that.  I love the feel of the paper, I love turning the page, and I especially love seeing these books in my bookshelf.  There’s just something wonderful about having the physical books in your home–it’s almost as if the cookie or cupcake itself is already in your home.

Well, my friends, you’re looking at the next 6 books headed for my bookshelf.  Scratch that–make that 5–since I just bought Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes from Amazon.  Getting it on Thursday–yeah!  You may have noticed, but my selection is a bit Martha heavy, but she’s a domestic genius.  I’ve yet to try a bad Martha recipe.  The woman is amazing in the kitchen.  David Lebovitz is chocolate king, and Baking Illustrated…it’s like having Alton Brown in your home and at your disposal.  This book may not be for everyone (I own Cook’s Illustrated, and let me tell you that book is the size of my Bio text books in college…and I don’t think that Baking Illustrated is any different), since it’s a lot of text and kinda skimpy of the pictures,but if you’re looking to learn–this is it.  As far as Sherry Yard goes, I’m going to plead ignorance.  I have no idea who she is and I really have no idea what’s in her book.  What I do know is this–the cover is fabulous and the reviews on Amazon are great.  So, Miss Sherry Yard,  I’m going to give you a test run.

And believe me…I’ll be sharing my experiences.