I’m a bit hesitant about starting a blog.  Like many before me–I’m left wondering what this blog is really going to be about.

With some encouragement from friends, I set out wanting to create a blog that would chronicle my culinary adventures.  I am a proud novice–taking pictures of everything that comes out of my kitchen.   With all the excitement, I didn’t stop to really think about the reality of it all.  While I don’t consider myself to be a workaholic, my days are long and I’m rather drained by the time I get home.  I don’t get home until many have already had their dinner. When would I ever find the time to really make this work?  In the end, I just have to see where this goes.

I suppose if one thing should be said and known it’s my overall goal in this.  Aside from entertainment, I really hope to better myself.  I hope that this inspires me to cook and bake on a regular basis.  I hope that as this becomes a more regular activity, that it sparks creativity and ingenuity.  In 10 years, who knows…maybe I’ll be an awesome soccer mom with all the best treats.

Well, thanks for taking an interest in my blog.  Hopefully, we’ll inspire each other.